Driving Test Registration

Benavides Driving School is authorized by the Texas Department of Public Safety to administer the final Driving Test.

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Important Information

Information for Teens

Eligibility Requirements:

1 Student must be at least 16 years old (at the time of driving test)

2 Must have had learners license (driving permit) for a minimum of six months.

3 Must have completed a Teen Drivers Education program with a driving school or parent taught program.

Vehicle Requirement:

You will be graded on your ability to demonstrate the following maneuvers: parallel parking, backing in a straight line, approaching intersections, turning, stopping in regular traffic conditions, controlling the vehicle, observing traffic, maintaining vehicle position (turning, stopping, etc.), and using signals.

2 Hour Impact Texas Teen Drivers Video (ITTD)

School Reference Numbers:
BDS McAllen: C0056
BDS Brownsville: C0056B
BDS Harlingen: C0056C

Required Documents:

Below are snapshot and a brief description on each document required to take the Road Driving Test with Benavides Driving School.

DE 964 Certificate

This certificate is issued to you by your driving school or parent taught program.


ITTD Certificate

This certificate is emailed to you after completing the two hour online ITTD Course.


Parent Log

This form is given to you by your driving school or parent taught program. If you do not have it you may download it here.


Verification of Enrollment and Attendance Form

This form must be completed within 30 days of taking the road test. Click here to download the form.

Information for Adults