Marriage Counseling


Through this awesome learning process you will find new hope and a new love for yourself and life. Prepare to have your perspective changed and your outlook shifted as you find freedom from past hurts and correct bad habits like anger, bitterness, fear, anxiety, depression and self-doubt. It is our fundamental belief that you must grow as individuals before you can change a marriage.

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As a 30-year educator, I had the opportunity to recommend over 200 students to Benavides Driving school during my career. The school has a long history of excellence and integrity. As a parent, I had no doubt that my 2 kids were in for an awesome experience. Both are in college now, and are both excellent drivers. I am very grateful to the staff. In my opinion as an educator and a parent, Benavides Driving School has set the standard by which all driving schools should be evaluated...they are still the best around.

-Frank M. Trevino, M.Ed. Retired School Counselor and Parent