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When is the adult class offered in a group with an instructor?

See schedule for dates and times at each of our locations.

If I don’t pass the test the first time can I take it again?

Yes you can take the written test again.

Do we have to take the Adult Driver’s Ed course even if we already know how to drive?

Yes, the course is required by the state law if you are between the ages of 18 to 24.

Can we take the driving test with Benavides Driving School?

Yes, the driving test can be taken with Benavides Driving School.

How long is the adult completion certificate good for?

It’s good for 1 year if you don’t turn it in to the DPS.

What does the Adult 6 hours class consist of?

The Adult 6 hour class consists of the State-Required Traffic Rules and Signs Exams, the various rules, regulations and defensive habits that make a safe, smart Licensed Driver, as well as videos and interaction between teacher and students.

Can an adult over 24 years of age take the adult course?

Yes, by taking the 6 hour Adult theory you will not be required to take the witten exam at the DPS office.

Can we take driving lessons at BDS also?

Yes, we have packages for beginners, intermediate and even experienced drivers.

Will a written re-test cost more?

No. There is no additional cost for the written re-test.

As an Adult, am I required to take Driver Education?

Yes, you are required by DPS to take a 6-Hour Adult Course between the ages of 18-24. If you are over 25 years of age, you can still take the 6-Hour course with Benavides Driving School.